Welcome to Tirna Electronics - specialising in analogue/digital circuit & filter design

We are a specialist electronics design and manufacturing company based in the village of West Linton in the Scottish Borders. Tirna Electronics offers a range of products and service in the analogue electronics field .


New Product

Tirna Electronics has announced the release of an easy to use, programmable, continuous time low-pass filter. A simple HEX switch allows the user to select a cut-off frequency between 10kHz to 150kHz, in 10kHz steps. A second 16-position switch allows the user to adjust the gain of the the filter between 1 and 16, in 1v/v steps.

No other components are required to implement a programmable filter with one of these modules.

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Audio DAC Upgrade

It is generally reckoned that with DAC’s the upgrade of op-amps is the most cost effective upgrade & the one which could potentially bring the greatest improvement. More Information...

Along with our standard range of products, we provide a circuit design service for customers who require a solution to their electronic design problems. Our specialities range from simple analogue circuit design - circuits with even only a handful of components, through to design of embedded microcontroller based products and RF circuits. We undertake feasibility studies in signals and systems, analogue and mixed signal hardware design, data acquisition, data logging and short-range data telemetry.

Surface Mount to DIL IC Adaptors

We stock a wide range of our own Surface Mount to DIL through-hole IC adaptors, which are ideal for breadboarding and prototyping of SMT IC's, aswell as acting as a direct replacement for SMT IC's in legacy systems. More Information...

Filtering Solutions


Our range of standard filter products includes Programmable Switched Capacitor, Programmable Continuous Time, postage stamp sized continuous time filters up to 3rd order and up to 6th order continuous time in Gaussian, Bessel, Butterworth and Chebychev types. More Information...



June 10, 2010 - Beresford Caiman Upgrade

We now have all the components in stock to provide both of the following two recomended upgrades for the Beresford Caiman DAC.


  • Elna Silmic II Caps
  • MuRata Regs + Rubycon bi-polar Caps + WIMA Caps

We can also supply the Rubycon bi-polar and WIMA capacitors recomended for the above upgrades to customers who want to do their upgrades. However, customers wishing to do this themselves will have to source their own MuRata regulators, or contact us to obtain them via Tirna.


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April 07, 2010 - Fully Differential Active Analogue Filter

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new differential, continuous-time, active, analogue filter.

  • This filter can be configured as a single filter of up to 8th order or as two independant filters of up to 4th order.
  • Any 4th or 8th order filter can be low-pass or high-pass and band-pass or band stop filters can be realised by cascading one 4th order high-pass filter and one 4th order low-pass filter.
  • However, this technique is not recommended for narrow band-pass or narrow band-stop filters which are better realised by other techniques.

The use of a differential filter in front of a differential ADC is preferrable to the use of conventional single ended filters, particularly when the signal source is differential as in some audio applications. Click here for more information..

December 30, 2009 - Beresford 7510 Upgrade
  • Replace Burr-Brown chip PCM1716 with Wolfson chip WM8716.
  • Replace dual audio op-amp with LM4562MA and 0.1uF de-coupling capacitor.
  • Upgrade 4 electrolytic capacitors to 47uF.
  • Replace existing indicator LED's with blue LED's as in the 7520 model.

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August 17, 2009 - Beresford 7520 Upgrade
  • Replace Burr-Brown chip PCM1716 with Wolfson chip WM8716.
  • Replace one or both of the Dual Audio op amps with LM4562NA (through hole DIL package) or with the THS4032CD(Surface mount on our adaptor to DIL)
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